Longjiang Ding's work has been accepted for publication on Analytical Chemistry, Congratualations!

A fully reversible optical sensor for hydrogen peroxide with fast response is presented. The sensor was fabricated by in situ growing ultrasmall platinum nanoparticles (PtNPs) inside the pores of fibrous silica particles (KCC-1). The nanocomposite was then embedded into a hydrogel matrix and form a sensor layer, the immobilized PtNPs can catalytically convert hydrogen peroxide into  molecular oxygen, which is measured via luminescent quenching based oxygen sensor underneath. Owing to the high porosity and permeability of KCC-1 and high local concentration of PtNPs, the sensor exhibits fast response (less than 1 min) and full reversibility. The measurement range of the sensor covers 1.0 μM to 10.0 mM, and a very small amount of sample is required during measurement (200 μL). Because of its high stability, excellent reversibility and selectivity, and extremely fast response, the sensor could fulfill all industry requirements for real-time measurement and fill market vacancy.