VARIO® chemistry pumping unit PC 3001 VARIOpro

PC 3001 VARIOpro

This VARIO® chemistry pumping unit optimizes vacuumconditions automatically by precisely and continuously adjusting the diaphragmpump´s motor speed. Thanks to the motor speed control the pump operates onlywhen vacuum is needed, saving energy and reducing maintenance. The integratedvacuum controller enables fully automatic evaporation at a push of a button.Low space requirements, light weight and low operational noise contributefurther to this unit’s flexibility and popularity for laboratory use. The PC3001 VARIOpro is ideal for vacuum applications withhigh boiling point solvents. The inlet separator, made of glass with aprotective coating, prevents droplets and particles from entering the pump. Thehighly efficient insulated exhaust vapor condenser has a very compact designand provides near-100-percent recovery of solvents.

Performance features

·        easily operated CVC 3000 vacuum controller with cleartext menus and integrated venting valve

·        automatic optimization of the vacuum level throughout theprocess for high process reproducibility and unattended operation, shortprocess times due to zero-fluctuation (hysteresis-free) vacuum control - evenfor large amounts of vapor

·        compact and powerful; excellent ultimate vacuum, evenwith continuous condensate purge

·        whisper quiet and ultra low vibration

·        excellent environmental friendliness due to low powerconsumption and efficient solvent recovery



PC3001 VARIOpro

该VARIO®化学抽油机通过精确连续调节隔膜泵的电机速度,自动优化真空条件。由于电机速度控制,泵仅在需要真空时运行,节省能源并减少维护。集成的真空控制器可以通过按钮实现全自动蒸发。空间要求低,重量轻,操作噪音低,进一步提高了该单元在实验室中的灵活性和普及性。 PC 3001 VARIOpro非常适用于高沸点溶剂的真空应用。入口分离器由具有保护涂层的玻璃制成,防止液滴和颗粒进入泵。高效率的绝热排气蒸气冷凝器设计非常紧凑,可以提供接近100%的溶剂回收率。



•CVC 3000真空控制器易于操作,带有清晰的文本菜单和集成排气阀

•在整个过程中自动优化真空度,实现高重复性和无人值守操作,由于零波动(无滞后)真空控制而缩短工艺时间 - 即使是大量的蒸汽