The PI-MAX4:1024i from Princeton Instruments is the nextgeneration, fully-integrated scientific intensified CCD camera (ICCD) systemfeaturing a 1k x 1k interline CCD fiberoptically coupled to a variety of Gen IIand Gen III filmless intensifiers. The intensifiers provide the highestpossible sensitivity from UV to NIR and offer resolution that is ideallymatched to the CCD. Picosecond gating capability of < 500 ps and anintegrated programmable timing generator (SuperSynchro) built into the cameramake these ICCD cameras ideal for time-resolved imaging and spectroscopyapplications. The special Dual Image Feature (DIF) enables two images to becaptured in rapid succession for applications such as particle imagingvelocimetry (PIV). PI-MAX4:1024i is the only ICCD camera on the market today tooffer high frame rate at 32MHz/16-bit digitization,
1 MHz sustained gating repetition rate and exceptional sensitivity.

普林斯顿仪器的PI-MAX4:1024i是下一代全集成的科学强化CCD摄像机(ICCD)系统采用1k x 1k行间CCD光纤耦合到各种Gen II和Gen III无胶片增强器。该增强器提供从紫外到近红外的最高灵敏度,并提供与CCD理想匹配的分辨率。皮秒选通功能<500ps,内置一个集成的可编程时序发生器(SuperSynchro)相机使这些ICCD相机成为时间分辨成像和光谱应用的理想选择。 特殊的双重形象功能(DIF)可以快速连续拍摄两张图像,用于粒子成像测速等应用(PIV)。 PI-MAX4:1024i是目前市场上唯一能提供32MHz / 16位数字化的高帧率的ICCD相机,1 MHz的门控重复频率和卓越的灵敏度。

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